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Our virtual "Billiard Cue Museum" displays the fruit of more than 45 years of intense collecting both here in America and through seasoned contacts abroad, particularly in Europe. Owners Mark and Connie Stellinga published the well known book "Pool and Billiard Collectibles" after having accumulated a vast array of pre-1900 billiard tables, ball and cue racks, room accessories, and, of course, out-of-the-ordinary cues.

If you have a cue or two you're looking to sell and that you feel is of the age (PRE-1900), and sort that belongs in a museum of this type, please feel free to contact us at either 319-331-1949, or, 319-631-8172, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., any day. We live in Tiffin Iowa. (CDT)

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All of our cues have been thoroughly cleaned or refurbished, and a few have had minor repairs done. Most of the ferrules, tips and noise-subduers [bumpers] are original as these cues are intended primarily for display and are therefore offered as "collectible pieces" only. Naturally, not all of them are perfectly straight, but the vast majority are perfectly useable. These pieces represent more than 45 years of searching for pre-1900 cues, as well as a vast amount of time and energy, and money, spent making them look as close to original as possible.

Replacing the "Brunswick Balke Collender" genuine waterslide-decals was the last hurdle to clear from a "reconditioning" standpoint, and we're very proud to say that they turned out factory perfect. Only the appropriate pre-1910 vintage Brunswick Balke Collender manufactured cues with very poor (or entirely missing) decals received replacements.

A third of a century spent purchasing, meticulously restoring and then selling antique pool tables is what enabled us to be the only source we're aware of, here in the USA, that can offer such a large quantity of authentic, antique examples of the higher to highest quality cues from the very earliest days (1400s to 1700s) of billiards. Many of these examples are extremely scarce!

Due to health issues, the entire collection will be put up for sale at some point in the near future as "one lot", including, at no extra charge, the handsome antique showcase(s) and Victorian cue rack(s) required for impressively displaying them.


You can drop us an by clicking here