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Here are a few samples from my 4 volume set of poetry books. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for some links to more of MY work, plus links to sites where some very fine poets post their work.

Just click on a poem titles below and each will open in a seperate window for reading. Please note: All of my poetry and illustrations, on any of my website locations, are copyrighted to Mark H. Stellinga and with All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of my work is forbidden and I ask only that you respectfully contact me for permission to use any of my work or portion(s) thereof. Copyright 2008. Thanks for dropping in.

The Arrangement

Old Babe

The Twig

The Hustle

The Card

My 4 volume set of poetry books is filled with a thorough mix of short, witty, and often poignant pieces, as well as the many narrative style poems that have been a big hit with those who enjoy my "traditional" style. There are 50 poems in each of the 4 individual editions, with no repeats whatsoever. ABOVE I have posted a few examples to show you just how comprehensive the collection actually is as far as the concepts they address. If you like what you read above, you're sure to enjoy the majority of my work. All 4 books are now available and make a wonderful gift for Christmas or any special occasion. I'm sure you'll be delighted with each volume.

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Here are some other sites where I have more of my poems posted, and where you can enjoy the work of some particularly extraordinary poets.
Red Steagall    This is the site of Red Steagall, who is, in my opinion, among the ten best poets, living or dead, to every write verse.
Baxter Black    One of America's finest cowboy poets and story tellers, humorists, and all round entertainers. A real talent and unquestionably "unique."
Frank Halliwell    As impeccably rhyming verse as you'll find, with links to other exceptional poets' works as well, including Andrew "Banjo" Paterson, another one of the all time greats, who is no longer with us and whose face is actually displayed on Australian currency!
AuthorsDen    A great source for finer poetry, and all other literary genres. I have a few pieces posted here.